Culture Planning Session

About Happy Team Culture

At Happy Team Culture we help busy Team Leaders with creating more connected, valued and productive teams. With over a decade of experience in training and coaching leaders from diverse industries, we have worked with thousands of leaders across 35+ industries and have gained valuable insights into what makes or breaks a thriving workplace culture. 

Many people are already familiar with how important it is to know your WHY (thanks to Simon Sinek).

Our program focuses on answering the mighty important question of HOW.

We believe the WHY is simple, we want people to be happy and enjoy work and to be kind so we can all just do our job, right?

But the hard part is how do you achieve this and where do you start?

Our Step by Step system will guide you along the way with support from our Creator of Culture Champions, we are here to set you up for success.

Our Vision: To help talented leaders create their own Culture Champions where everyone is working as one team and treating each other with respect.

We know that transforming culture can be overwhelming and that now more than ever before leaders are doing more with less resources.


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Over the course of 12 years, Danielle has meticulously designed workshops and coaching sessions tailored to guide leaders towards creating happier, more engaged, and tightly-knit teams. The results speak for themselves, with award-winning teams that excel in talent retention and recruitment.

Recognizing the significant investment involved in these transformative programs, Danielle Peters has now streamlined the process. The culmination of this effort is a straight forward, easy to follow Culture Masterclass that can be completed daily over a 5-week timeframe, this program encapsulates the top five areas leaders have been searching for.

For the first time, Danielle Peters is sharing this unique program with the public. Get ready to experience the profound impact it can have on your leadership style, culture strategy, and overall team happiness.

Join us on this journey to build happier, more productive workplaces. Welcome to Happy Team Culture!